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By signing electronically, you consent to this liability statement: I (We) understand that under the Idaho Equine Immunity Activities Act (Title 6, Chapter 18), any individual who rides a horse in this state does so at their own risk and that the rider is liable for any damages, including death, which might occur on, or arising from the ride. In consideration for the privilege of riding with the Teton Valley Backcountry Horsemen (TTBCH)* on one of its sponsored trail rides, I (we) hereby release and immunize from any liability for damages to me, to my children, to my guests, or to our horses, which might attach as a result of, or in connection with, that ride both TTBCH and the landowners (including the United States Government) through whose property we may be riding. As a member of the TTBCH, I (we) explicitly acknowledge that this Release is effective during the entire duration of my membership, as well as on any rides I might take with the TTBCH once my membership expires. *TTBCH is expressly defined to include the Backcountry Horsemen of Idaho, Inc., as well as its Teton Valley Chapter and that Chapter’s officers, directors, and members.

Please use VENMO to pay prior to submitting this form. Alternatively, make checks payable to Teton Valley BCH. Mail to TTBCH, PO BOX 991, Driggs, ID 83422.


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