Why become a TTBCH member?

  • We have cooperation with the Forest Service to give back to the land via service projects.
  • As a chapter member of BCHA, we are able to apply for and receive grants.
  • The Forest Service applies for grants and uses our letters of support for them, which also legitimizes us.
  • We are recognized in the ranching community supporting cattle grazing in the back country.
  • Our umbrella organizations, BCH of Idaho & America, give us status as they are well-established and known entities.
  • Being a state and national member also gives us support from other Idaho chapters, if ever needed, to lobby in court for resolving trail disputes.
  • Your membership builds connections for you within the horse community and creates invitations to local horse news and events. 
  • The Caribou-Targhee Forest needs you!

How can I join TTBCH?

Select Individual or Family dues when you join Online or Print/Mail your Registration. Of the annual chapter dues, 35% goes to National (BCHA), 15% goes to State (BCHI), and our chapter keeps 50% to put toward tool purchases, food for socials, timber for projects, and reimbursement for our State Directors to represent our chapter at BCHI and BCHA required meetings. Tax-deductable donations to our 501(c)(3) non-profit are also greatly appreciated.

Sign Up for Membership

Want to be a Board Member?

Join the Teton Valley BCH board of directors/officers to contribute to the direction and vision of our organization. Watch your ideas come to fruition! Please go to the ‘contact us’ page for the current positions needing volunteers. Contact us today!
We appreciate all of our members and value your enthusiasm and participation. If joining the board is not the right timing or cup of tea for you, you can just continue being you on your beautiful equine and join us for as many fun rides and important forest projects as you can fit in. Come ride with us!